“I know I am wicked”…and then they pass the record.

 Hey Ya’ll, we drive a white 2013 Chevy Cruze.  It is nice.  hahaha  They definitely take care of the sisters.  The Elders have bikes!

I am having a lot of fun!  We had a zone conference on Friday and it was amazing.  Elder Zwick came and he and his wife were like BOMBS of knowledge AND just what I needed to hear.  They are amazing!  God definitely knows us individually and sends the people we need, in our lives.  My companion knows Elder Zwick.  He gave a talk at her father’s funeral, so she was super excited to see him.  When you talk to them you can just see the love in their eyes.  Now I’ve officially had conversation with another member of the Seventy!!  Elder Zwick said, “Don’t limit yourself by what you think is your capacity.  Allow the Lord to expand your capacity and He will.”  BOOM!!  Truth.

You should read Ether chapter 6 verse 5.  I love how it says, “…and the Lord caused that there should be a furious wind blow on the face of the waters.”  The Jaredites have left their homes and

friends and are travelling in these barges to the “promised land.”  They are living in these uncomfortable circumstances for a long time with the waters “raging” and the Lord is causing all this to happen and it is not because He doesn’t love His children, but because He knows it is pointing them towards the “promised land.”  God has a plan for each of us but sometimes it feels like we are going through all these “raging waters,” but it is always directing us to a “promised land.”  He will continue to bless us if we are faithful.

I heard this scripture from my sister training leader and I thought it was mind blowing.  I love you my sister.   It is nice to hear the little updates from home.  We had a fast day for missionary work as well.  Mainly for baptisms in our mission.  We didn’t break our fast until 7:00 pm with the Young Single Adults.  It was hard.  I like our kind of family fasting where we eat dinner at 5:00 pm.  That is exciting Berni is moving on up.  I’m proud of him.  Definitely Calgary weather you are having.  It is just hot and rainy here.  hahaha.  We are starting jogging in the mornings.  It is fun.  You almost feel like you need to jog cause the people love to feed you.  I have a new love of fast Sunday and fasting in general. hahaha   Dad, I am glad you are still working the Stampeders Games even though it is cold, snowy and not many people showing up.  I’m glad we won!!  People here are really into football!!  Our ward mission president’s bathroom is “GATOR” themed!!  I’ll send you a picture when I can.  I find it very

funny.  Toilet, towels, wall and all!  hahaha   I recently read Enos, Jarom and Omni in my personal studies and love how it goes in Omni.  The people that aren’t keeping the word of God and how they still preserve the record.  They plainly admit…”I am not keeping the Lord’s commandments and I know I am wicked”, and then they pass the record.  This is the Lord keeping His covenant with Jacob that the record would be preserved.

I am working on putting my trust in God and giving Him all my time.  I get frustrated when I feel like nothing is happening because I could just be doing that at home and be with my family.  But good things take time and I am working hard, being obedient and learning more each day.  I AM DEFINITELY GOING TO BE A LOT NICER TO MISSIONARIES WHEN I GET BACK.  BEING A MISSIONARY IS HARD!   I love you mom and dad for the example that you have set for me.  Mom for all that you do, service and for the hard work ethic you and dad have impressed us with.  Love you all a lot!!      Sister Winkler


2 thoughts on ““I know I am wicked”…and then they pass the record.

  1. Good Morning Miss Winkler!
    We are delighted that you are enjoying your mission and the personal growth that you are experiencing. You and your whole family will benefit from your work.

  2. Thanks so much Sister Winkler for reminding me of the raging waters and trusting in the Lord’s plan.
    I love your attitude, it’s hard work but you are persevering;)

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