LOVE YOU LOTS! Thank you for your uplifting words…

Hey Ya’ll!  Florida is awesome.  I would send you a picture of our district but we can’t upload anything on the library computers.  I’ll tell you this tidbit…It is something I have never seen before…there are crazy chickens here that climb trees!

It has been kinda rainy lately but good!  We had a “Fall Festival” in our Ward this past week and there were lots of inactive member and investigators there.  Sister Kasteler and I got to give one of our investigators a church tour and it was pretty cool.  He brought his friend that he is teaching the guitar to, so we got to share with him too.  Sister Kasteler luckily knew where everything was and the Spirit was definitely there.

We had a “Chili Cook off” at the Fall Festival and that was cool too.  We took a picture at the end with Sister Stratton, (she is like our mom in the ward) Sister Kasteler and I.  This little black boy got in the photo with us and right before taking the photo his little cousin Mikyra walks up and she is like,”Ooooooo you are taking a picture with white people.”  hahaha So funny.  She was one of the investigators daughters and we got to talk with her a bit too.  She is super sassy, but it is cute.

I ate grits for the first time in my life!  It is a staple here.  They are delicious!  Sister, you ask, “What is the most exciting thing…?”  Maybe going to this Filipino lady’s house and eating crazy food. hahaha That’s right, have faith in me.  We work out every morning for 45 minutes.  I am so happy about that. Sometimes people feed us too well!

There is a road here that divides the town and the one side is called, “the dark side” because there are many black persons there.  Sister Kasteler and I are doing trade offs tonight at 6:00 with our Sister Training Leaders and I am kinda nervous.  I am staying here which means, I need to remember where everyone lives and actually know who we teach and direct the lesson for the most part.  We will see how that goes.  We have a less active sister feeding us tonight and I know her pretty well so it should be just fine.

We have been teaching one of our main investigators about the Word of Wisdom and we are going too fast for him to give up his addictions.

He is super willing to quit smoking and all that, but we aren’t sure if he is being 100% with us.  I guess time will tell.  He is working towards a baptismal date.

People seemed to disappear for a week!!  Now they are back and responding to their phone messages.  All and all life is good here.  Miracles happen every day.  Read this scripture in 2 Nephi 32: 1-5.  It is a great scripture.  Mission Conference is coming up soon!  Elder Zwick is coming to our Mission.  Sister Kasteler and I are giving a 5 minute training there on a topic we choose.

I love you, love you, love you lots.  Thank you for your uplifting words. Please send that to everyone…. Before I forget, my new address is: 638 SW Dexter Circle Apartment #205 Lake City Florida USA 32025

Sister Winkler


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