“Oh, I have already been saved. Try that house over there…”

Hey Ya’ll: (That’s how they say it here.) 

I feel like I am in the jungle here.  It is very green and there is lots of wild life.  When we go for our morning walks there are roosters crowing like crazy!!

This is a photo of Sister Craig and I and Mission President Craig my first day from the MTC to Jacksonville Florida.  My companion, Sister Kasteler and I are in this next photo.

So now the story…Me and my new companion get along just fine.  She has only been out in the mission for 6 weeks!!  So it is kinda the blind leading the blind.  Just kidding…She knows what to do but we are both open to suggestions.  We are struggling to find people to teach right now.  We are teaching lots of less active members and trying to get referrals from members.  We are being very obedient and trying to use all the guidelines our mission president has given us.  The first night we got to Florida we were billeted out to church members.  Sister McPhee and I went to one home.  This house was super shady though and really gave us the creeps.  The shower was insecure and didn’t seem safe.  We prayed lots that night.  But we lived and it was an experience.  hahaha.  I wish I could talk and explain these things, but this will have to do.

The area we are serving in is pretty poor and kinda shady.  We were having a discussion with Calvin, (he sits out on his porch and smokes while we teach him,) and he was saying, “I say ya’ll over on the other side of the tracks (there is a train that runs through the town), I don’t even go over thar, ya’ll are crazy.  Watch yourselves.” hahaha  We are definately in the hood.  It is a lot different here than in Canada.  EVERYONE has an accent and the area we serve in is kinda like the getto or something.  I have killed 6 cockroaches so far, 3 in the kitchen, 1 in the bathroom, one in the car and one in my bed!  They gross me out.  We did some service last week for a lady in the ward and there were about 20 among her things.  They were all dead.

It is difficult sharing the gospel here because everyone says, “Oh, I have already been saved.  Try that house over there.”  It’s hard to tell them, “No, you haven’t.”  Especially when you’re right there on their doorstep.

We got the Elders to come over and give Betty, our main investigator a blessing for her health.  It was really awesome.  Betty has a baptismal date, but she has many health issues and keeps not being able to make it to church.  She is very kind and speaks her mind.

I got Sister Turner’s and the Comfort’s mail “stuff” as well as the “stuff” you sent.  Thank you to all for everything. The article in the New Era for this month quote you sent, “We set goals to show our faith and we follow up on goals to count our blessings.”  Good stuff.  Computer time is up.  They changed the mission rules, we now get 60 minutes to read and reply to emails!  Boom.  No more excuses Clifton give us some of the good info…I love you all sooooo much.


3 thoughts on ““Oh, I have already been saved. Try that house over there…”

  1. You are very dedicated to the work you have been set apart to do. Finding out what people like to do can sometimes open a communication with them, as humans we enjoy talking about ourselves. Loving them with all your heart will bring immense blessings to them and their hearts will be touched.

  2. I’m planning on sharing your first blog with the young women in the ward. It painted such a good picture of the MTC.
    Sis. Winkler, I am so proud of you! Keep working hard and following the mission rules! Loves those you serve…they will be able to discern your sincerity.
    I know you’re not supposed to argue with those you meet, contention is of the devil. Maybe you could come up with an approach that would help them to think about what it means ‘to be saved’. Christ died and arose from the dead that all would live again. This has indeed saved us all from eternal death…and requires nothing more from us. The key is helping your investigators to understand that he requires something, baptism in His restored church, to be able to live with him again in the highest glory.
    May The Lord bless you and keep you safe!

  3. What a wonderful letter and amazing how busy you are with a smile.
    “One needs something to believe in, something for one can have whole-hearted enthusiasm. One needs to feel that one’s life has meaning, that one is needed in this world” Hannah Senesh
    I think of you and your brother often and miss waving hello.
    Love to have you share your journey with me.

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