They call me SISTER WINKLER and The MTC is crazy AWESOME…

Hey Ya’ll:

The MTC is crazy awesome.  It is crazy how much you can learn!  They say people gain weight.  I don’t really see how you could. hahaha.  The sisters and elders in my district and zone are really amazing.  All us sisters are super cool and get along really well.  I’ll include a picture of us in front of the Provo Temple.


We are living on West campus.  THE SAME ONE AS MALIA (Sister Sooaemalelagi) woot woot.  I saw her like the first day I got here and we both started crying for the first time that day.  (Photo with friends.)

Sister Alveraz and I shared the gospel…well somewhat…with a girl on our flight here from Calgary.  We told her to go to hahaha

I am only in the MTC for 6 more days.  I leave the 15th of October for Jacksonville Florida at like 2:30am.  Isn’t that like crazy soon????

A lot of the Sisters and Elders in my zone have western drawls like they grew up on a farm or something. hahahaha  They speak with an accent and they all say I have an accent. hahahaha  So funny.  I’m always like, nope.  We are all headed for Florida.  It is super awesome cause we will most likely see each other after leaving the MTC!  One of the Elders in my district comes up to Calgary sometimes to sell cattle.

My first companion is Sister Hawkins and she is way cool.  She played basketball at Walla Walla Washington and lives on a ranch in Oregon.  She is my favorite companion so far.  I really hope the rest of them are a good as her.  We are  being obedient and trying to teach by the Spirit.  We have become really good friends now.  We are super sleepy at the end of Angelina_IMG_1400

the day, but somehow we end up just talking.  She was having a rough time just like we all were this first week.  Her and her family are super tight and she missed them.  Lately she has been feeling a lot better.  Her family sends her a TON of food.  We got homemade brownies the other day from her aunt in Utah.  Way cool.

We got to watch General Conference up at the main MTC campus which is like a 30 minute walk.  Saturday and Sunday Conference were awesome but super rough on our butts.  We were just sitting like all day. There was a Dube guy from the Quorum of the Seventy at Conference.  His talk was my favorite along with the whole Sunday morning session.  It was packed with greatness!


We had a Sunday Night Devotional after Conference and it was VOCAL POINT!  I know Mom loves them and the rest of you know who they are, but it was sweet.  A real change up from all the other things we had been watching before.

We had a Devotional Monday night.  John M. Madsen came to speak along with his wife Diane.  They were great.  They talked mostly about how the Atonement of Christ IS THE gospel or the “good news” we bring to people. Not part of the gospel.  IT IS THE GOSPEL.  So awesome.


Please tell brother that we are hearing from his companions and friends about his hard work and baptisms, but he needs to remember to send us that news in his emails home.  Really, I love you a lot and think of you every time I pray.  I feel drained after every day but I always wake up ready to do more somehow.  It must be because of all the people praying for the missionaries.  I love, love, love you.


6 thoughts on “They call me SISTER WINKLER and The MTC is crazy AWESOME…

  1. Hey Sister Winkler
    this is uncle Rod
    isn’t the MTC like , Spiritually , taking a drink of water from a fire hydrant literally !!!! lol 🙂 You get so much more than you expect and it is a dyna-power injection of spiritual living waters. good hear you are working hard tired and having fun ….. i know you always will make the best of any situation for your eternal benefit. keep up the good work Angelina and you will continue to be blessed . our prayer are with you daily.

    Love uncle Rod, auntie Susan and family

  2. Thank you so much for including me of Sister Winkler’s mission. Your spirit will be felt by many. The conference talks seem to be directed to each one of us. It’s amazing. All the best wishes for your soon departure for Florida:)

  3. Wonderful pictures Angelina. Your are an awesome young lady.
    Beauty- because the best way to know the truth or beauty is to try to express it.
    And what is the purpose of existence here and yonder but to discover truth and beauty and express it, share it with others? (Brenda Ueland)

    Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have 9imagined. (Heanry David Thoreau)
    Thank you for sharing your journey and experience, allowing me to be a part if it.
    Your have a beautiful smile.

  4. Good Morning Miss Winkler! You have a super family and we trust that the fantastic experience of your mission work will contribute to significant growth for you!

  5. Hey Sister Winkler! I’m so glad “the MTC is crazy awesome”. I love your enthusiasm. Already doing missionary work on the airplane? Nice. You are such a great example to all of us back in Calary 17th ward. Keep up the great posts!

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